To qualify for the top teacher awards, you must have a minimum of 50 Pro/Am entries and students and teacher must be on an All Inclusive Hotel Package.


These awards are based on total points accrued during the event.  The point system is explained below.



To qualify for top teacher: teachers should be on package.


 *If less than 3 contestants participate, prize money awarded will be half of the full ammount stated above.

**Participation in at least 4 dances is required to qualify.


Rule 1

If more than one person qualifies for first place then the highest total will be the winner and second place will receive second place prize money )i.e., $8,000 to first, $5,000 to second)/  Should two people tie for first place, they will split the sum of first and second places  (i.e., each will receive $6,000)/  This also applies to all other places.


Rule 2

If first place does not qualify with 350 entries and has for example greater than 250, he does qualify for $5000.  Should second place also have greater than the 250 entries but fewer points than the other he will qualify for second place and receive $3000 third place prize money.  Should the third place person have greater than 100 but less than 200 entries he will be awarded 4th place prize money.


Rule 3

to qualify for top teacher prize money, all entries must be received no later than the final deadline (March 31st, 2024) and must be paid in full.

Additional entered after the deadline will not count.


Rule 4

In case of an emergency, student substitutions may be made within the original heat, as to no disrupt the schedule.  If the substitute fall into a

different age category or level, we will allow them to be judged separately.


RELEASE AND AUTHORIZATION RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION: Participant hereby forever releases and discharges MIAMI VIBE LLC, its officers, directors, shareholders, as well as any person, employee, subsidiary, affiliate, party,
or business entity that is affiliated with, sponsors, or organizes “Miami Vibe DanceSport” (“Event Organizers”) from liability for the following: (1) loss or theft of articles left in Changing Rooms, the Ballroom, or Hotel Rooms; (2) injuries sustained by any participant or any other person attending this event and Participant acknowledges that (s)he attends this event at his/her own risk; (3) any liability or claims arising from the production, exhibition, transmission, distribution or use of commercial material authorized in this Agreement; and (4) any claims, demands, suits and actions which Participant ever had, now has, or may have based upon any agreements previously made or herein made. Participant shall defend, indemnify and hold Event Organizers harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, suits and expenses relating to this Release and Authorization arising out of Participant’s actions or negligence. AGREEMENT REGARDING RULES AND REGULATION: Participant agrees that (s)he and all persons attending this event with Participant, whether as spectators, competitors, officials or guests are obligated to adhere to the “Official Rules.” A copy of the Official Rules shall be available to Participant in the competition package or may be obtained from the registrar. CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: The deadline for a refund on a cancellation is 30 days prior to the date the competition commences. Refunds will be made by mail 30 days following the completion of the competition. If the Organizer is notified of the cancellations after the deadline, credit toward the following year will be considered in cases of emergency only and must accompany a Doctor’s Certificate. There will be a minimum $50 service charge, per participant, for cancellations. No substitutions will be allowed for entry cancellations at the event. No exchanges or refunds will be made on admission tickets. (ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL.) AUTHORIZATION FOR USED OF PARTICIPANT’S IMAGE FOR COMMERCIAL GAIN: Participant hereby irrevocably grants to MIAMI VIBE LLC the from the inclusion of Participant’s performance
in any type of commercial product or reproduction contemplated in this Release and made by Event Organizers which is later sold and/or distributed. Participant hereby authorizes that any and all copyright protection and entitlement which would be afforded to Participant as a performer shall be vested in the Event Organizers and not Participant. Al copyrights created relating to reproductions in which Participant’s name, likeness, image, voice, and/or performance is featured shall be the sole and exclusive property of Event Organizers. Participant waives any right to copyright enforcement and protection regarding any reproduction which includes any aspect of Participant or Participant’s performance. Sole and executive rights to use refer to and reproduce programs by means of video tape recording or any other method of media reproduction, hereinafter referred to as “reproductions.” Participant authorizes Event Organizers to edit and arrange the reproductions, using Participant’s name, voice, likeness, acts, poses, appearances and utterances as part of and in connection with Miami Vibe DanceSport. Participant authorizes Event Organizers to exhibit, transmit, distribute, sell and use in any manner, any aspect of Participant’s performance at Miami Vibe DanceSport contained in a reproduction in any advertising, publicity, promotion, video tape or in any eld and form of media, throughout the world without limitation. Participant acknowledges that all reproductions shall be Miami Vibe DanceSport’s and the Event Organizer’s sole and exclusive property. Participant hereby waives any right which Participant may have to compensation (including but not limited to, royalty payments) SIGNATURE The undersigned Participant hereby warrants that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age or older or the parent/legal guardian of Participant under eighteen (18) years of age acting on behalf
of the Participant hereby warrants Participant has the full consent of such parent/legal guardian to participate in the Competition and that the undersigned has the full rights, power and authority to enter into this Release and Authorization without the necessity of the consent or authority of any other party. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this RELEASE AND AUTHORIZATION.


All persons attending this event, whether as spectators, officials, competitors or guests of the Organizers shall be bound by the N.D.C.A. rules and by participating in this competition automatically become obliged to adhere to them. The organizers of this competition and the N.D.C.A. are not responsible for the loss or theft of articles left in the changing rooms, ballroom(s) or hotel rooms. The Organizer(s) and the N.D.C.A. will not be held liable for injuries sustained by persons attending this event, whether as spectators, officials, competitors, or guests of the Organizer(s). Everyone attending does so at his/her own risk.

Registration & Registration Desk

Please make sure that you have completed your entry forms, a participation order form for each person attending and a studio accounting summary and return those to us by our closing date of March 31st, 2022. Please note that a $100 late fee per person will be charged after the deadline.


Upon arrival at the hotel, one representative from the studio should come to the registration desk and pick up the packages for his studio. OUTSTANDING BALANCES MUST BE PAID BEFORE PACKAGES CAN BE RELEASED. Only that representative will be allowed to make payment and pick up packages. We will not be accepting payments from individual students or releasing any tickets until payment is made in full. Each participant will be given a heat list showing what heat and at what time he/she is dancing. Please be advised that the time listed is approximate and subject to change. Each competitor should be present in the ballroom at least 45 minutes prior to his/her scheduled dance time. When you receive your heat sheet, please check and make sure your dances, levels, and ages are correct. We need to be made aware of any mistakes as soon as possible.

Miami Vibe is NDCA recognized event and not affiliated with any other organization other then NDCA


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